Advice on Buying Property

The PSRA have published “A Guide for Users of Property Service Providers in Ireland” to guide users through the process of buying property. 

To further assist users of Property Service Providers, the PSRA publishes the Property Price Register and the Register of Licensed Property Service Providers. 

The PSRA's Property Price Register lists all properties that have been sold in Ireland since 1 January 2010.  It can act as a good starting point in finding out the sale price of property within the area you are interested in.

The PSRA’s Register of Licensed Property Service Providers, lists all licensed service providers.  Using a licensed Property Service Provider (PSP) provides consumer protection.  Each licensed PSP is required to produce their individual licence on request.   

It is important to note that where an Estate Agent is engaged by a seller to sell property there is often considerable confusion as to the relationship between the Estate Agent and the buyer.  The buyer often believes that the Estate Agent is acting on his behalf. A buyer must, at all times, be conscious that the Auctioneer/Estate Agent is selling the property for the seller and is acting in the seller’s interest only. The Auctioneer/Estate Agent is not acting on behalf of the buyer.


Two Important Things To Do Before Buying Property

1. Check the Property Price Register by clicking here

2. Use a licensed PSP, click here for the register of licensed Property Services Providers


Further Information on Buying Property

A Guide for Users of Property Services Providers in Ireland 

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