PSRA – COVID 19 Reponses


In light of implications arising from COVID – 19 the PSRA is actively putting measures in place to ensure, in so far as possible, the smooth running of day to day activities. Please take note of the following.


Licence Renewal Applications

Consideration is being given to issuing licence renewal letters together with the secure PIN number well in advance of licence renewal date so that licensees can submit their licence renewal applications on time.


Further information on actions by the PSRA regarding licence renewal applications will issue shortly.



All PSRA audit visits have been postponed until after Easter and this date will be under active review. Where a visit has been arranged, the inspector will be in touch with the licensee to arrange a new date.




All complaint investigations are ongoing, however, face to face meetings / engagements are postponed.  Where possible technology will be utilised to engage with relevant persons.




All IPAV PSRA CPD events pre summer have been cancelled.

SCSI PSRA CPD events due to commence on April 23rd have not been affected to date.


General Queries

At present the PSRA offices are open for business as usual. All calls and emails are being dealt with as normal. Should a situation arise where the offices must close, contingency plans are being put in place to ensure queries can be dealt with through and notifications sent to licensees and placed on our website advising of same.