Due to the increasing and deeply concerning daily COVID-19 case numbers in Ireland over the very recent period, Government has requested that further tightening of restrictions in delivery of property services be addressed and implemented.  

Accordingly, IPAV, PSRA and SCSI have reviewed and updated the Property Services Providers Guidance to Implementing a Plan for Living with Covid-19.  

The revised Guidance document is updated to reflect the further tightening of restrictions in the provision of property services effective from 13 January 2021, which will be reviewed on 31 January 2021.

It is critical that you read and fully understand the new section ‘Level 5 Restrictions effective on 13 January 2021 for review on 31 January 2021’ in the document.

In order for property service providers, customers and the public remain safe and well, you are requested to comply with these new revised guidelines during the provision of all property services.

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