Renewal of Licence

Licence renewal applications are submitted through

Approximately 12 weeks before the expiry date of a licence the Authority issues a renewal invitation with a unique PIN. This unique PIN is used to complete the renewal application. The renewal invitation also details the deadline by which the renewal application must be received.

Section 35(2)(b) of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 (the Act) provides that a licensee should apply to renew their licence 6 weeks before the licence expiry date. Where the licence expires on 5 November (the majority of licences) an application should be made no later than 24 September.

The onus is on the licensee to apply to renew their licence by the deadline date. Failure to apply before the statutory deadline will mean that a licence is no longer valid after the expiry date of their licence. The only exception to this is where a licensee can satisfy the Authority that exceptional circumstances arose which prevented them from making their renewal application by the deadline date. The non-receipt by a licensee of the Authority’s renewal invitation or unavailability of the Accountant’s report are NOT reasons which will be accepted for making a late renewal application.

Where the licensee does not make a renewal application prior to the statutory deadline, or satisfy the Authority that exceptional circumstances prevented them from submitting their renewal application, the licence will expire on its expiry date. In these cases the licensee will be required to submit a new licence application. The licensee will be prohibited from providing property services until such time as the new licence application is assessed and a licence is issued under that application. 


All PSRA licence renewals must be done online at

All licence renewals expiring on 5th November must be submitted online by 24th September.


For business renewal applications the application should be accompanied by the following::

1. Accountant's Report:

An accountant’s report must be submitted by a property services employer (company, partnership or sole trader) or an independent contractor when making an application to renew a licence. 

“PSRA/S35 – renewal ABC” is to be completed where a "client account" is held. PSRA S35 - Accountants Report Renewal ABC (2018) Click Here

“PSRA/S35 – Renewal D” is to be completed where services charges and/or sinking fund contributions are paid into a "relevant account". PSRA S35 - Accountants Report Renewal D (2018) Click Here

Both forms will need to be completed where a “client account” is held and client money is also paid into a “relevant account”

2. Professional Indemnity Insurance:

If your policy is due to expire during the licence period you are required to submit a copy immediately after the renewal of the policy.

3.  Duplicate Certificate of Incorporation:- (For Companies only)

This must be dated and signed within 4 weeks of the date of the application. Available from the Companies Registration Office website


4. Licence Fee:

€1,000 for the business and €100 for each Principal and Employee.

5. Contribution to the Compensation Fund:

€200 for the business and €50 for each Principal and Employee.